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December 27, 2013
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Request # 3

Ever since (y/n) and Green became boyfriend girlfriend, Green had been taking (y/n) out for a drive.  (y/n) did not own a car so she asked Green to drive her to places. Now it became a daily thing or should I say a habit for Green.

“Hey Green!” (y/n) exclaimed as she waved from her front porch.

Green turned to look at her and smiled slightly at her enthusiasm.

“Hey” he said and brushed his bangs away.

“So… where are we going today?” he asked.

“Can we have a drive around town?” (y/n) said. “I heard there’s a new pastry store down the block from the library”.

“Sure” Green said and led her into his car.

“How’s Red doing?” (y/n) asked.

She always wondered what that silent boy was up to.

“He’s camping up on Mt. Silver as usual,” Green said. “He never comes down and I always have to drag him to the city”

(y/n) giggled at Green’s annoyed expression. He was slightly pouting and his eyebrows were knitted. In (y/n)’s eyes, he looked like a child.

“What’s so funny?” he asked. Green was slightly annoyed that (y/n) was laughing at him. He pouted again unconsciously.

The traffic light turned red as Green stopped the car. He turned to look at (y/n), waiting for an answer.

“It’s nothing” she said as another fit of giggles escaped her lips.

“Just tell me” Green muttered and looked away. He was slightly blushing from embarrassment.

“Green” (y/n) said quickly.

Green looked at her and raised his eyebrow when she didn’t say anything.

“Green!” she said again as she pointed to the traffic light. Green took no noticed of her finger pointing to the traffic light.

“What is it?” he exclaimed and gave (y/n) a weird look.

A few honks and beeps sounded behind his car. Green quickly pushed the gas pedal making the car zoom forward.

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” he grumbled.

“I did,” she said. “I said Green”.

“Pesky woman” Green muttered under his breath.

“I’m lucky I don’t have a color as a name” (y/n) said and laughed.

Green smirked and did not retort back. He calmly parked the car to the side and took (y/n)’s chin in his finger tips. (y/n) gave him a surprised look and protested. Green silenced her and pressed his lips against hers.


Green pulled back and smirked wider as he saw (y/n)’s flustered face that she desperately tried to hide. He gave her a quick peck and started the car with a victorious look on his face.

A/N: Mess with Green and he’ll mess with you…like literary

Requested by :iconspainloves:

This is my first Green x Reader! Please go easy on me. It's somewhat difficult to write Green because he's the opposite of Red.

Green WILL mess with you if YOU mess with him first :iconheplz:

:icondatgaryplz: owns you

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DuskNP Apr 4, 2014  New member Student General Artist
Green don't meh! I know who does doe! ;)
MarleneUrameshi Mar 20, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
na na na, i own green
great story
Could you make another fanfic that's a reader x green? And make it so there's multiple kissing scenes? Please?
Requests are closed D: so...I'll put that on the first fanfic to write when the requests open up. Just remind me about this request because I have a bad memory.
CupcakeQueen2423 Jan 21, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
LOL. What would green do if i poke him continuously  in the cheek? >:3

Hmm good question! xD

Corax-x Dec 27, 2013  Student Writer
Looks like it's time to mess with green.....
lol but be warned ;D
Corax-x Dec 27, 2013  Student Writer
but it's so much fun!!!
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